Meet The Team


Xiomara Ottati

I am a mother, a grandmother and a breast cancer survivor – I am a fighter!
Ever since I was a little girl, creativity ran through my veins. I have always had a talent for creating things in my mind and using my hands to make them come alive. When working in the school system, I was always able to use my creativity and talent to help support my students. I retired in October 2015 and began working on side projects for special occasions for those around me. My daughter’s baby shower was the first push I needed to take the dream of creating a business. The final push I got was when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2016. It showed me that if we have a dream, we need to give it our best and try, because life is short and can be taken away within a blink of an eye. I received a pink box from a close friend of mine filled with creative tools and it just clicked….my pink box of joy and hope. 
Thus began The Pink Box.


Vanessa Ottati

I am a mother and a teacher.

I wasn’t born creative and with an innate ability to look at anything and turn it into a masterpiece. For me, it was a gradual shift into it. In my twenties, I discovered the amazing world of scrapbook and paper crafts, particularly card making. Though I still can’t look at a can and create a masterpiece (I’ve tried, and failed so I had to throw out a few “I-can-reuse-this-for-something-creative” items) I have learned to enjoy the time and effort it takes into creating something unique that gives someone the gift of a smile. The ability to gift time and joy is something that everyone has, but few choose to give.

I choose to give that gift by creating things for other people and my students.